Iraq War Has Increased Terrorism

Contrary to the insistent rhetoric of the Bush Administration, the War on Terror has not made the world safer. As Bush’s own administrative top analysts in security are trying to tell him, the Iraq war is increasing and spreading terrorist activity. From the report:

The unclassified document said:

• The increased role of Iraqis in opposing al-Qaida in Iraq might lead the terror group’s veteran foreign fighters to refocus their efforts outside that country.

• While Iran and Syria are the most active state sponsors of terror, many other countries will be unable to prevent their resources from being exploited by terrorists.

• The underlying factors that are fueling the spread of the extremist Muslim movement outweigh its vulnerabilities. These factors are entrenched grievances and a slow pace of reform in home countries, rising anti-U.S. sentiment and the Iraq war.

• Groups “of all stripes” will increasingly use the Internet to communicate, train, recruit and obtain support.

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, a U.S. ally in Washington for a Thursday meeting with Bush, found himself drawn into the political dispute. He was asked in a CNN interview about an assertion in his new book that he opposed the invasion of Iraq because he feared that it would only encourage extremists and leave the world less safe.

“I stand by it, absolutely,” Musharraf said. “It has made the world a more dangerous place.”

Bush has tried to label this newly disclosed report as “naive and mistaken.” If the President will not listen to his own top security analysts, what hope is there for stability in the Middle East? Why are we making the world a more dangerous place?


2 thoughts on “Iraq War Has Increased Terrorism

  1. Keep in mind these are the vetted items released. What does that mean to the families who suffer both here and in Iraq, because we removed one dictator when dozens remain in this region. God, must we always simplify to make our impulse gratification fulfilled and then turn away from the consequences of these impulses?

  2. I have started and deleted several comments about this. I cannot be civil about, or towards, people who have defended the Iraq war as crucial to the “war” on terrorism.

    It’ about Oil. Always was, always will be. It’s all about Oil. (Capitalization is intentional.)

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