Open Letter to Cranston Residents on the Concrete Plant

Dear Fellow Cranston Resident and Neighbor:

As President of the Cranston Citizens for Responsible Zoning and Development, a local non-profit association with over 250 families living in the Eden Park, Garden City and Auburn neighborhoods that formed to promote safe and reasonable development within our City, I am seeking your help in opposing a project which may threaten the health and welfare of your home and family.

You are most likely aware by now that the current Cranston Administration approved the construction and operation of a full scale batch concrete plant earlier this year in such a manner as to avoid what we believe to be a number of legal notice requirements and protection standards. Such plant is proposed to be located on Marine Drive (off Pontiac Avenue) in Cranston — a site that places it within a one mile radius of highly populated areas including the Garden City, Eden Park, Auburn, Dean Estates and Meshanicut neighborhoods. In addition such plant would be constructed in close proximity to at least three public and private schools and less than 700 feet from the CLCF practice fields that are used by our children almost every night of the week between spring and fall.

On September 28, 2006 a similar concrete plant in Charlestown, MA had part of its processing system explode resulting in the release over 3000 pounds of raw concrete dust into the local environment, blanketing a large area with hazardous crystalline silica and sending 61 people to local hospitals.

Since July of 2006, when knowledge of the Cranston concrete plant approval became public, our Association has worked tirelessly to organize, raise funds to mount a costly legal appeal, and contact endless state and local representatives to force the Laffey Administration to revoke the questionable building permit for plant construction. At present we have an appeal of the building permit pending before the Cranston Zoning Board, and we gained the support of the Cranston City Council who passed a complete ban of concrete plants in January of this year only to have the City Administration silently approve the Marine Drive plant days before the official ban became law.

Despite our current progress we still need the help and support of all concerned citizens to overcome the wealth and influence of the concrete plant developer, as well as the arrogance of the Laffey administration that refuses to revoke this unjustified building permit in the face of apparent overwhelming state and local law. Please consider supporting this effort, both financially and by volunteering your time, and help preserve the health and safety of our neighborhoods (as well as the value of our heavily taxed homes). Join our association today and become part of the growing opposition to this proposed concrete plant.

Contact us by phone or fax at (401) 223-4800, or by email at Please consider a generous donation today, payable to “CCRZD” and mail it to PO BOX 20442, Cranston, RI 02920 [receipts will be provided.]

Our website at provides the history and background of this project, as well as updates on related events, public hearings, and photos and aerial views of the proposed site to help keep you informed.

Your time and support is deeply appreciated as we work to “beat City Hall” and eliminate one of the most potentially hazardous projects ever approved by a sitting Cranston Administration.

Frank Mattiucci, President

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2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Cranston Residents on the Concrete Plant

  1. Residents opposed to this batch plant might take heart from the following film, which will air nationally on PBS on November 28th:

    Two Square Miles website

    The film is, in part, about a community’s long but successful fight against a massive, coal-burning cement plant proposed in New York’s Hudson Valley.

    The company spent $58 million on its campaign to get this pollution-belching project through the regulatory process, but lost — due to a committed grassroots campaign by ordinary citizens.

    (Full disclosure: I headed up the group which fought the plant for 6.5 years.) If anyone there wants any free advice on strategy and tactics, feel free to contact me through my website, …)

  2. Wow, Sam, thanks very much for leaving this comment. I watched the trailer for the film that will be on PBS and it looks really good. I highly recommend others go check it out at

    It’s great to know that others have fought battles similar to this one — and won! Thanks again.

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