An Assortment of Notable Lynx (10-30-06)

An assortment of notable lynx

Fears of Inquiry Dampen Giving by U.S. Muslims—An insightful piece by Neil MacFarquhar in the New York Times that relates how, “fearful that donations to an Islamic charity could bring unwanted attention from federal agents looking into potential ties to terrorism, many Muslim Americans have become reluctant to donate to Islamic causes, including charities.�

‘Nothing’s wrong with you’—The second of an informative four-part series by Thomas Farragher of the Boston Globe that offers a personal glimpse into the lives of two soldiers struggling to survive “the war after the war.�

Bush Appointee Said to Reject Advice on Endangered Species—An article by Juliet Eilperin of the Washington Post that describes how “a senior Bush political appointee at the Interior Department has rejected staff scientists’ recommendations to protect imperiled animals and plants under the Endangered Species Act at least six times in the past three years.�

Camden eatery’s framed gull found in violation of 1918 law—An article by Tom Groening of the Bangor Daily News (in Maine) that illustrates the paucity of common sense many government officials possess, as evidenced by the attempted confiscation of a 150+-year-old stuffed bird.