Whitehouse Victory — Cranston Mayor Undecided

So can you tell that I’m one of those hyper-worriers? I take nothing for granted, I believe no one, and I accept almost nothing on faith. The final count is the only thing that releases me from my prison of anxiety:

Whitehouse: 205,275 votes — 53.5%
Chafee: 178,550 votes — 46.5%

I count myself in good company as our new Lieutenant Governor, Elizabeth Roberts, was still sending out emails at 5:30 pm yesterday urging people to vote, while a landslide victory was just a few hours away:

Elizabeth Roberts: 202,262 votes — 53.1%
Reginald Centracchio: 127,809 votes, — 33.5%
Robert Healey: 51,135 votes — 13.4%

This is by far the victory that I am the most excited about. I believe Elizabeth Roberts has the potential to bring real reform and progress to Rhode Island.

Here in Cranston’s Mayoral race, Allan Fung is down by just 61 votes, and 1,356 absentee ballots have yet to be tabulated. A recount request is reportedly being made by the Fung campaign. Here are the results so far:

Michael Napolitano: 16,099 votes — 50.1%
Allan Fung: 16,041 votes — 49.9%

Finally, most locally and closest to my heart, Andre Araujo was unsuccessful in his bid for school committee in Ward 2 where we live. The good news is that with virtually no prior name recognition and a late start to his campaign, Andre managed to capture a significant percentage of the vote:

Deborah Greifer: 2,419 votes — 58.3%
Andre Araujo: 1,732 votes — 41.7%

As winners and losers go, I declare Andre the biggest winner of this election cycle, simply because he got out there and did the scary thing — he ran for office based on his passion for our schools. I hope some of the 1,732 people who voted for Andre will be inspired by his run for office and will become more involved in civic activity.

I’m enjoying the quiet now, with a sense of awe at the strength of these victories.

2 thoughts on “Whitehouse Victory — Cranston Mayor Undecided

  1. Thank you Kiersten for your kind words.

    I felt like David fighting Goliath on election day when I encountered all those out of town characters holding Greifer signs. That was a bit unexpected.

  2. Hello Kiersten and Andre. The evil “mailman” here. I have to take issue with the “David – Goliath” comment. I may be a “character”, but I only live 4 streets away from Phillips and I held my Greifer sign there for over 10 hours. You and I talked for about 99% of those hours yesterday and also at my home during the campaign and I have to say you never sounded like “David” to me!

    I have been standing outside a number of Cranston’s polling locations on election days since 1996 and the characters I think you are talking about in my opinion have never helped a candidate they ever worked for. While I have never had that type of support, I question the impact someone has holding a sign 100 plus feet from the door, saying nothing to the voters, and in many cases with the sign facing in the wrong direction! Those characters did not impact anybody’s campaign this year one bit. I also don’t know how you know they were all from “out of town�.

    If you had your sister/brother/buddy/friends/etc from out of State, City or Ward come help you on election day why would that be wrong? I don’t feel it is. I am sure some of Allen Fung’s crew with the trucks lived outside the city. I say more power to him if he can rally people to help him.

    As far as working the polls, you tried as hard as I have ever seen someone work the polls before. If they had 10 more characters at Phillips you still would have beat them to the voters every time. You worked very hard and should be proud of that, but I don’t think it is fair to Deb to make it sound like you faced a wall of opposition. That was clearly not the case. I wish you both well.

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