An Assortment of Notable Lynx (11-09-06)

An assortment of notable links

A Hint of Possibility in the Air—A delightful piece by Garrison Keillor in the Chicago Tribune that reflects upon the recent election and the changes that might occur, now that “we have thrown some rascals out and left some rascals in power and sent some new folks to Washington to learn the art of rascality.�

Danger: Chemical Hazards—An alarming article in the British newspaper, the Guardian, that reports on a recent paper published in the medical journal, the Lancet, in which the authors argue for curbs on the use of a host of industrial chemicals that may be damaging the brains of young children.

Startling findings in Tillman probe—An in-depth article by Scott Lindlaw and Martha Mendoza of the Associated Press that reexamines the evidence on the “friendly fire� death of former NFL player, Pat Tillman, in Afghanistan and finds plenty of blame to go around.

Colbert Mourns GOP Loss—A very funny clip from Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, here posted on Crooks and Liars, in which faux conservative Stephen Colbert struggles to come to terms with the abysmal showing of the Republicans on Tuesday.