Announcing “Countdown to Change” Blogging Collaboration

Three Rhode Island Blogs Launch “Countdown to Change� to
Monitor the First 100 Hours of the New Congress

In an unprecedented act of web-based collaboration, three of Rhode Island’s most popular Blogs,,, and, announce that they will provide collective coverage of the first 100 hours of the new Democratic Congress to provide Rhode Islanders with immediate and comprehensive access to the actions of Rhode Island’s four Democratic Congressmen and the new Democratic Congress.

During the fall campaign, Democratic leaders promised to make substantial changes during the first 100 hours of the 110th Congress in 7 key areas: Lobbying reform and fiscal accountability; Increasing the Minimum Wage; Making college more affordable; Making health care more affordable by passing legislation to negotiate lower prescription drug prices; Allowing stem cell research; Implementing the 9/11 recommendations and Rolling back subsidies to the big oil companies.

The three Bloggers have agreed to work together to discover if Congress will enact the changes that will put America on a better course for working families, the elderly, college students, and healthcare consumers.

Kiersten Marek of said: “We are parents, professionals, and citizens who want to see America achieve a more participatory democracy. We are using one of the most powerful new tools of communication to try to improve our democracy – publishing Blogs that keep citizens updated about the workings of our legislature, the passing of laws, and the impact those laws will have on all our lives.�

Matt Jerzyk of said: “It was clear in the last election that Rhode Islanders were repudiating the policies of the Republican Congress and demanding more accountability of the Bush Administration. Our Blogs came together to make sure that the promise of Democratic change becomes a reality in the first 100 hours. We will give Rhode Islanders immediate access to the most important policy reforms promised by the new Democratic Congress as well as in-depth analysis of each piece of legislation and its path through Congress.�

Pat Crowley of said: “We hope this first of its kind collaboration will provide a launching pad for citizen activists. Anyone can just report the news, but the Countdown to Change project will go beyond the headlines and provide research links, activist opportunities, interviews, and news without the filters put in place by the mainstream media.�

The project goes live on January 4th, the day the 110th Congress gets sworn in. The Bloggers will cross-post their reports on each of their Blogs and provide interviews with members of congress and other key policy makers.