3,000 Dead! How Many More?

Sadly, it was only a matter of time before the number of U.S. military fatalities in Iraq reached 3,000. That time is now. December of 2006 has been the bloodiest month for the U.S. in more than two years. It is difficult to believe that a surge in the number of troops will result in anything more than a surge in the number of dead and wounded. May the new year soon find the brave young men and women serving in Iraq home at last.

[NOTE: The image above contains 3,000 dots, one for each of the fallen.]


One thought on “3,000 Dead! How Many More?

  1. Just for the record, we have now lost more soldiers than we lost people on 9/11.

    Good thing we’re fighting them over there, so they can’t get us over here, right? I love the way supporters of this war are willing to sacrifice Other People’s Children.

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