How Absolutely Hysterical

Did you hear the one about the fellow who mixed sodium chloride with some Duracells? He was charged with a salt and battery. Ha ha.

Did you hear the one about the two Middle Eastern sisters who spilled salt on the floor of police headquarters? They were charged with acts of terrorism. No joke.

From the Associated Press:

Women Facing Terrorism Charges For White Powder Incident

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — Two sisters face terrorism charges after a white powder believed to be salt fell out of one of their pockets in the booking area of Bridgeport Police headquarters.

A Fairfield woman and her sister, who is from Jordan, were arrested Thursday after triggering a hazardous materials emergency, police said.

The building and the surrounding streets were closed most of the afternoon and into the evening. No one was injured, but 14 people – civilian detention officers, police officers and six prisoners – had to take showers in the Fire Department’s decontamination trailer. Their clothing was also bagged.

The women, Cari Altayeb of Fairfield and Anaahn Altayeb of Jordan, were charged with acts of terrorism in connection with that incident.

They also face charges of first-degree breach of peace and threatening stemming from a child custody dispute in front of the state Department of Children and Families’ city office earlier in the day. The DCF incident had led to their arrest and the powder incident in the booking area. The women were being held in lieu of $1 million bond.

The women’s lawyer, Robert Berke, who said he had not talked to his clients, blasted police Thursday night.

“They overreacted. The (terrorism) charge is extreme. The bond is extreme,” Berke said. [full text]