Republicans to Fight Student Loan Interest Rate Reduction

Will the Democrats simply pass the reduction in interest rates for student loans, or will this turn into a long, protracted battle? This article from The Chronicle of Higher Education explains. This quote from the top-ranking Republican on the education committee, Howard McKeon, gives you a sense of how the opposition is posing their message:

Rep. Howard. P. (Buck) McKeon of California, the top Republican on the House education committee, has signaled that Republicans will fight the proposal. In a news release last week, Mr. McKeon argued that the Democrats’ plan would not expand college access or increase college affordability. “In fact,” he said, “some are correct to wonder whether their plan simply amounts to phantom reform that would further escalate the college-cost crisis.”

I see no evidence that cutting rates of student loans could somehow make the college financing crisis worse, but if you understand the reasoning, feel free to enlighten me.

4 thoughts on “Republicans to Fight Student Loan Interest Rate Reduction

  1. Criticism? It may be unravelling. Kennedy is thinking a bit too big -Higher Education re-authorization, the act governing the majority of student-aid programs has been languishing in Congress for three years.

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