Interview with Senator Jack Reed

Good news, everyone! Senator Reed’s office contacted me today and they are interested in having me sit down with the Senator for an interview. Here’s where you do your part and help me plan the topics for this interview. Comment away all you several hundred people out there who are coming to this place every week!

One idea that David suggested was approaching the interview from a social work perspective and talking about the number of walking wounded returning to the US from Iraq. Another thought of David’s was to ask Senator Reed had any regrets about votes he has made in the past while. Also, David suggested trying to elicit his forward-thinking vision for the Iraq war.

On a more personal note, I am looking forward to congratulating the Senator personally on the birth of his daughter. This is a great occasion in his life.

One thought on “Interview with Senator Jack Reed

  1. Ask Senator Reed why this President thinks it is ok to open everybody’s mail without a warrant and have the military intelligence & CIA spy on and collect financial data on all American Citizens without a warrant? And then try and jam Democracy down the throats of Iraq and Iran when for 10,000 years neither of these countries have had any kind of clue what Democracy is about and have been ruled by either a Dictator or a Monarchy all these years. Also why are we interfering in two countries that neither want us there or the British there after the Brits broke up Mesopotamia into three countries after the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the En d of World War I and there pursuit of Oil for there Naval Fleet becuase Britian did not have any oil reserves and did not want to holden to the American Oil Companies or Royal Dutch Shell.

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