Personal Reflections on Creative Pursuits

When George W. Bush was reelected in 2004, I quite honestly experienced a good deal of despair at the news (although, in retrospect, I cannot imagine why I thought the feces was about to spend four more years being spewed from the fan). A few days or so after the election, I began to channel my despair into a creative endeavor I called The Daily Mockery, wherein—á la The Onion—I would create faux news headlines that mocked Mr. Bush, the members of his administration, and anyone and anything else that captured my whimsical attention. (“If you can’t beat them, mock them!”) For a time, perhaps a couple of months, this project provided me with a much-needed diversion from my anxiety and unhappiness about the political landscape and world affairs. And then, as so often occurs, I got busy with other things, and The Daily Mockery got shelved—though never completely forgotten.

Over the last year, thanks to my dear friend Kiersten, this weblog has provided me with a grand opportunity to express myself both politically and satirically, sometimes simultaneously. But since the elections of 2006—which, thankfully, gave cause for some hope instead of despair—I have found myself hungering in some fashion for additional ways to channel my creative and progressive-minded energies. As you may have noted, if you happen to visit this site with any regularity, I have been playing around, of late, with using my computer to create short video clips, which I then upload to YouTube or the like (and then share with you). While I cannot say if this activity is merely a passing fancy or the start of a more serious endeavor, I will say that it has been a rather engaging and enjoyable experience, and it has allowed me to begin to develop some skill at using the iMovie software that came bundled with my Apple Powerbook. It has also allowed me to take The Daily Mockery off the shelf, at least briefly, and put it on video. Here is its debut:

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