Interview with Mike Traficante

Here is the interview, wherein the following topics were discussed: how education funding has changed since the 1980’s and 90’s, how much of education costs are salary and benefits, the new law which caps education spending, what cuts might be enacted, school closings, merging the comprehensive and college tracks on the high school level, seeking grant funding, contacting state legislators and our federal delegation, merging school districts, merging the city’s school departments with the municipal departments, privatizing of education, merit pay for teachers, medicaid reimbursement for special education.

3 thoughts on “Interview with Mike Traficante

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  2. Kiersten, great job on the interview. Many of us in Cranston have mixed feelings about Traf; however, I’ll give him this – he knows his facts and has a good recollection of city history.

  3. Thanks, Paul. I appreciate the support. It was a challenge I gave myself — to meet Traf and then do the things necessary to record and make the interview available. My hope is that I’m contributing something to our collective knowledge of each other and the issues we face as a community.

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