Interview with Senator Jack Reed

Issues discussed in the interview include: the Iraq War and Senator Reed’s response to the President’s current plan, Senator Reed’s plan going forward in conjunction with Senator Levin, the Biden-Gelb plan and its feasibility, concerns regarding the long-term effects of war on American military service personnel, including PTSD, and whether our VA’s are funded to handle the issues, health care and the crisis of the uninsured, Senator Reed’s efforts to fund SCHIP for the state of Rhode Island, the medicare prescription drug benefit and Reed’s support of the proposed changes, education funding from the national level and fulfilling the promise to fund special education under IDEA, addressing the national deficit by stopping the President’s tax cuts, funding alternative energy projects in the US. The interview is approximately 22 minutes long.

3 thoughts on “Interview with Senator Jack Reed

  1. Great job, Kiersten! I like how you integrated many of the issues touched on in recent posts here during the course of the interview. I am curious what the interview experience was like for you and what impressions of Senator Reed, above and beyond the issues, you were left with. Also, I am wondering if this was his first direct encounter with a member of the blogosphere (and, indeed, what he thinks or knows about the blogging community). In any regard, you should give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. I hope that you promote your fine work.

  2. Thanks, David. I was a little nervous going into the interview, but got comfortable fairly quickly. I felt like Reed’s comments were very genuine, particularly regarding the tragic death of Jonathan Shulze. We did not get into discussing the blogosphere, although it would make an interesting question for the future.

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