China Flexes Financial Muscle, America Swoons

The World’s newest financial epicenter, China, flexed its muscle today on the US markets. The Dow was briefly down more than 500 points before recovering to close down 416.02.’s Michael Nystrom had an article last week about China’s markets, which makes an interesting prelude to the recent international financial instability.

UPDATE: Michael Nystrom provides some charts and commentary on today’s drop at


One thought on “China Flexes Financial Muscle, America Swoons

  1. While el presidente is squandering our treasure and our resources on a failed vanity war, China and India are steadily gaining on us where it really counts: economics.

    Contrary to all the chest puffing, a nation wins wars economically, not on the battlefield. China is not a military threat to us, but they don’t have to be. They can take us down without firing a shot.

    All they have to do is keep enabling us as we spend our way into the poorhouse on foolish things like new submarines, aircraft carriers, and defenses against non-existent conventional armies. They buy our debt, which finances this foolishness, while those at the apex of the economic pyramid insulate themselves by lining their nest with more cash than could be spent in three lifetimes.

    Unlike the Sunshine Patriots who believe that, somehow, America can do no wrong, and who exult in needless slaughter, real patriots are trying to correct our course. Their reward? To be reviled as traitors who hate their country.

    Wake up, people. It’s not too late. But it will take determination and concerted effort, not the partisan vitriol we’ve been treated to by the Republicans who have sought to consolidate their hold on power by lying about their real objectives and goals.

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