Local Politics Gets Web-Savvy with Targeted Ads

This seems to be new: off-season webpage political ads of such a specific nature.

As you all know, I’m no Republican (though I promise my party allegiance to no one) but this advertisement seems to be a hopeful sign of a new way that people can use the internet and advertising to deal with local political issues. It also encourages citizen participation in the budget-creating process and provides contact information for all representatives.

Now, if this ad was really web-friendly, it would provide hyperlinks right to the email addresses of the representatives. But it appears that this is a newspaper print ad that was made into an image somehow, so it may not be hyperlink-friendly.

I found this ad on the Your Turn page of the West Bay section of the Projo, while reading Rayna Ciano’s letter protesting the Cullion Concrete Plant.


One thought on “Local Politics Gets Web-Savvy with Targeted Ads

  1. Kiersten, thanks for drawing attention to this ad. I saw the print copy in Wednesday’s ProJo and I was nearly enraged by it!

    The Mayor’s budget, and how the majority of the council is handling the process (see http://www.cranstonherald.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3472&Itemid=30)is reminiscent of the O’Leary administration’s approach to municipal finance. That was a hands-off, rubber stamp approach for those keeping score at home.

    We can only hope that enough people contact their elected representatives to force more attention to this budget mess. I e-mailed all of the addresses listed in the ad and thus far only one responded: Councilman Jeff Barone (and he’s not even my Ward councilperson!).

    Semper fidelis populus

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