Kmareka Headlines: May 24, 2007

Show-Down at the Congress Vs. Gonzales Corral: From the Whitehouse press office: “Today at 1:00 pm, U.S. Senators Charles E. Schumer (D-NY), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) will hold a news conference to announce details of the impending vote of no confidence in Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.” Wish I had cable TV.

Kindergarten in Iraq — Children Who Smile and Vow to Kill: This story from CNN is a heartbreaker — describing what has happened to a typical kindergarten in Iraq, including going from 180 to 16 students in 4 years, and having graduations where children speak of the violence brewing around them and inside them. This is a frightening portrait of how the culture of trauma in Iraq is affecting children.

Review of The Global Class War by Jeff Faux: For those of us concerned about globalization and how it will affect our jobs as well as the jobs of our children, this looks like a good read. The reviewer, Stephen E. Shaw, captures well some of the nuances as well as the main thesis of this book.

Sign of the Times: Blogger Jobs: Here’s something you won’t find in the Projo. This is a job board where bloggers can find jobs blogging on subjects as varied as golf and tennis, to “junk creation blogger” (my dream job, if only I could keep up the creative ideas and discoveries) to Asian Food and Baking bloggers. Is it my imagination, or is the job market for writing is shifting rapidly?

A Very Young George Bush Explains Global Warming: This video is funny as well as frightening in its interpretation of W’s world view and his understanding of global warming. “Hello America, it’s me, your President, the Commander-in-chief of the world…”


3 thoughts on “Kmareka Headlines: May 24, 2007

  1. If anyone is interested in the topic of “The Global Class War,” check out the blog Economist’s View. I notice it’s now on the Worthy Blogs page here.

    It’s run by a Econ prof; heavy-duty economists like Krugman and James Galbraith & Bruce Bartlett(?) comment there and have interesting discussions. The algebra content is kept to a minimum, although there are occasional posts with some math in them.

    But lately the topic of global trade has been gettin a lot of press there. Some economists (the host, Mark Thoma, and Krugman) are realizing that the damage from free trade has gone far beyond what they anticipated: the impact on US jobs has been much worse than their models predicted (that’s the problem with stats-based learning; you’re always dealing with the “average situation” and don’t–can’t?–predict the aberrations.

    But they explain it much better than I can. I’ve learned a lot about econ over the past couple of years by hanging out there.

  2. I thought I might agree about how cool the “Junk Creation” job is…I was the one that got it!

    Feel free to take a peek–

    (And, just so you know, b5media has been VERY good to work with/for.)

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