Pooh-Poohing Protest

Occasionally, common sense wins out. A jury in Colorado has unanimously agreed that it is perfectly acceptable for citizens to give a crap. The Greeley Tribune reports on what all the to-doo was about:

Jury acquits woman in dog doo case

It might be a laughing matter to the public, or even to members of the jury who acquitted Kathy Ensz.

But to the 64-year-old retired professor, the dog feces case certainly wasn’t funny.

A Weld County jury found Ensz not guilty Wednesday of criminal use of a noxious substance, a charge that stemmed from her deposit of dog excrement at the congressional office of U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave last May 31.

“When you get prosecuted like this, when the powers that be come after you for something like this, it’s very intimidating,” she said after the verdict.

Now, she and her attorneys are mulling a civil suit against the Weld District Attorney’s Office or Musgrave, or both.

Ensz said she felt vindicated by the verdict. Earlier this year, prosecutors offered her a plea bargain but she refused, not wanting to plead guilty to a crime she didn’t believe she committed.

“This was a ghastly waste of time. It was a political vendetta on the part of the Weld County District Attorney, Ken Buck,” she said. “It was a total waste of money, the taxpayers’ money.”

Buck begged to differ.

“Public officials should be protected from this type of conduct,” he said.

Musgrave has received death threats in the past, and has had to have Secret Service protection because of it, Buck and Musgrave’s chief of staff said.

Buck said that would make Musgrave and her staff more sensitive to any type of threat — even scatological.

“I think most people would find this threatening,” he said. [full text]

And I think most people would find that argument full of you-know-what. In any regard, even if the prosecutor had possessed a leg to stand on, Ms. Ensz could have pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Clearly, she was manifesting symptoms of an excremental illness.

Anyway, if the right to give a crap has been legally upheld, is it safe to presume that citizens also have the right to offer grounds for impeachment, as I advocated in an earlier post? After all, nothing says cut the crap like a dollop of recycled organic matter.


One thought on “Pooh-Poohing Protest

  1. In our part of the world “horse-pucky” or “cow-pie” actions are likely more appropriate that pooch feces, but now the last means of reaching our Congressional “representatives” has been removed figureatively amd literally(perhaps non-representatives is more descriptive). You need to admire Congress: they have the best medical care, the best pension plans, annual raises, a work week that goes from Tuesday to Friday, free postage, staff, offices, computers, telephones, travel hither and yon on “research trips,” and all at taxpayer expense. No if that isn’t a sign of good business sense–not even Trump can do as well–then I deserve the poop award. Of course, together with the Iraqi Parliment, our Congress is off on vacation, again.
    We really do not need to bring excrement back to Congress–they seem to have an adequate BS supply.

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