Plug-in Hybrids Could Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

There is proof that moving to plug-in hybrids could reduce greenhouse gases. From The Environmental News Network:

WASHINGTON — If motorists used rechargeable “plug-in” hybrid-electric vehicles in large numbers, the U.S. could see a significant drop in greenhouse gas emissions by the middle of the century, says a study released Thursday.

Researchers estimated that with a market share of about 60 percent or more plug-ins, the vehicles could help reduce approximately 450 million metric tons in greenhouse gas emissions a year by 2050. The reductions would be the equivalent of removing 82 million passenger cars, or about one-third of the cars currently on the road. [full text]

I know it’s all been said before, but perhaps it’s time to start listening to those tree-huggers clamoring for better cars.

2 thoughts on “Plug-in Hybrids Could Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

  1. I’m sure the Electric companies would love this. It’s the same scam as taking payroll taxes out automatically. You don’t SEE how much you spend to fuel your car when you fuel it (by plugging in) until the end of the month. And that 7-8% increase will be more than enough for the electric companies to push for (and in this state, get easy approval for) a huge rate increase making electric fuel no cheaper than gas.

    And that’s if you believe that 7-8% estimate which sounds a lot low to me.

  2. Um, Patrick, haven’t you noticed the scam that the oil companies are pulling on you? To the point that we have to send the US military to the Middle East to secure our supplies?

    And how does that 7-8% compare to $3-$4 gas? I suspect it will take quite a few rate increases to get that to even out, especially when you throw in the cost of foreign war. Plus, the beauty is that cars are recharged at night, which is off-peak.

    Own stock in Exxon? BP? Haliburton?

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