Now Introducing, Schizophrenic Mice

In today’s installment of “On the Cutting Edge of Research,” Reuters is reporting that “scientists have genetically engineered mice that develop the physical and psychological characteristics of schizophrenia.” I am not making this up. The article goes on to say that, “when these genetically altered mice matured, they showed increased agitation in open spaces and had more trouble finding hidden food than healthy mice and less interest in swimming.” Wow, that’s amazing. Who knew that mice had any interest in swimming? I wonder if they take a dip au naturel or wear miniature Speedos. Oh, and what’s up with hiding their food? As if being given schizophrenia by their human overseers weren’t bad enough, the poor little critters have to stumble around in a delusional state (Texas?) and deduce where their dinner is concealed. Oh, well, I guess them’s the [psychotic] breaks.


One thought on “Now Introducing, Schizophrenic Mice

  1. Fascinating research and very funny comments by David. I wonder whether this research will have any impact on discussions involving genetic predispositions vs learned behavior or acquired chemical imbalances. As for mice swimming, in truth most rodents are not bad in the water and sometimes display great skill getting past water obstacles. I am not certain about their preferred attire, however.

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