Linkin’ Log (for 08-12-07)

• How the ‘Good War’ in Afghanistan Went Bad—In the New York Times, David Rohde and David E. Sanger chronicle how the Bush administration has taken a “duct tape approach” to fighting the war in Afghanistan and has foolishly diverted its attention and resources to the war in Iraq.

• US doles out millions for street cameras—Don’t look now, but you may be under video surveillance, thanks to millions in grant money from the Department of Homeland Security, as reported by the Boston Globe.

• Connecticut Horror Punctuates a Trend—As reported by the Washington Post, the recent murderous invasion of a Connecticut home highlights a disturbing increase in violent crime in suburban communities across the country.

• Taxes trigger big drop in U.S. smoking: report—As reported by Reuters, a recent analysis conducted by USA Today has interestingly found that “higher state taxes on smoking are producing sharp declines in tobacco consumption in the United States.”

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