Number of Cranston Concrete Opponents Expanding

If it seems like there are more “Stop the Concrete Plant” signs around town, you’re not imagining things. From CCRZD:

Here is your DAILY UPDATE on the results of the 1st day’s activities of the Toxics Action Center Volunteers as well as our group members who have donated their time. What an enthusiastic group of college graduates to work with!

As of Sunday evening:

Houses Visited 630+
Individual Contacts 304
Flyers Distributed 1400+

New Members to CCRZ&D 132

Phone #’s dialed 400+

Dozens of new people want our lawn signs

Monetary contribution goal exceeded and, we still have Monday and Tuesday to go!

Please attend the Press Conference in front of:

Cranston City Hall, Tuesday @ 10:30

We will have the final update as well as speakers from at least 4 environmental groups against this concrete plant.

Kudos to the Toxic Action Center — they are living up to their name and providing much action!

2 thoughts on “Number of Cranston Concrete Opponents Expanding

  1. I just want to second your kudos for the Toxics Action Center.

    When I was leading a lengthy fight against a major new coal-burning cement plant proposed in New York State near the Massachusetts border, TAC provided substantive help to our citizen’s organization.

    At the time we were working with Jay Rasku, who has since moved on to other pursuits, but it is great to hear that they are still doing such important work assisting local groups fighting the good fight.

    Keep going, you can and will win!

  2. 2 Square Miles about Hudson NY was a vision we hope to share Sam. Personally I found your plight of David very fulfiling when you won. Groups such as Toxic Actions Center are a godsend and the true stewards of the nation.

    Thank you Sam for your contributions to not only helping those in Hudson…but here is Cranston RI. FYI, we in turn have helped some in need of help like a recent e-mail to us from Pennsylvania who ae fighting the same thing and our website has helped them. I know we will prevail as you have.

    Be well,
    Suzanne Arena

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