Protest Police Brutality — March on Sunday

Matt Jerzyk’s post kind of says it all. I’ll just add that as a professional who is trained in therapeutic crisis intervention which includes training on how to restrain children (including adolescents who are often larger than me) and who has been involved in restraining individuals, it is so frightening to me to see that picture of the police and Ms. Svoboda’s twisted leg. I realize accidents happen when individuals are restrained, but there must have been excessive force to get her leg down twisted like that.


3 thoughts on “Protest Police Brutality — March on Sunday

  1. Kiersten, although I disagree with you more than 80% of the time I think you try to approach most issues with a reasonable degree of fairness. I disagree with you on this subject, but I appreciate that you at least tried to explain your point of view. But to say that Matt Jerzyk’s post “says it all”, I think, destroys your credibilty. Matt rants about “police brutality”, but offers nothing to substantiate the accusation.

    I swear that the worst part of being a police officer must be the absolute disrespect the police receive from the far left. The police are dedicated public servants, who much more than any other public employee are required to act in a restrained, dignified and professional manner. Compare any police officer to any miserable, spoiled worker at the DMV or in any tax office around that state and you would think that it would only be criminals who wouldn’t give the police every benefit of the doubt. Has the IWW forgotten that the police are UNION brothers and sisters?

    You may have a unique perspecive based on your experience “restraining individuals”. But until it is proven otherwise, a. we should be open to all possibilities (such as the possibility that, because of her resistance, an officer lost his balance and fell on her leg accidentally) and b. give the benefit of the doubt to those public servants (and UNION MEMBERS) whose sworn duty it is to uphold the law and protect us!

    I hope you’ll have me back, but I’m done with RI Future. I’m protesting, not their protest of the police, but their clearly evident lack of respect for them.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Noted Skeptic. I think you are right that one should try to withhold judgment until a full investigation takes place. The thing I find most frightening about this whole episode is that an individual can be injured in the process of being restrained, and that with so many witnesses, we still do not have a consistent picture of what happened. Video would be the most helpful thing.

    Perhaps Matt’s post doesn’t say it all, but he has covered this issue and has links to the projo stories about the incident as well. The discussions on his threads show a full range of reactions to the incident.
    I also do not agree with your opinion that he does not respect the police — I think he does and that is why he is willing to insist that they hold true to their own standards.

  3. I saw the IWW posters in my neighborhood, soliciting people to demonstrate against Jackie’s Galaxy restaurant. I was not inclined to get involved without a lot more information. I have been to plenty of demonstrations, and I can and do get out when the issue is important to me, but I wondered, why this restaurant? Who is this new IWW risen from the mists of history?
    As for the injury, I’m not assuming that the police intended to get too rough, but I handle people too, and you can’t break a knee like that without force.

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