Feminist Blogger at RI NOW Conference

The Rhode Island National Organization for Women is sponsoring a conference on October 13, 2007 which will include guests Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts, “Amazing Women” host Deb Ruggiero, and Feministing blogger Jessica Valenti. This sounds like a great event and I hope to attend. To learn more about the event and print out the registration form, click here.

One thought on “Feminist Blogger at RI NOW Conference

  1. I’ve been reading Feministe, Echidne of the Snakes, and Hecate every day. I’ll add Feministing to the list. The feminist blogs are great, there’s so much in politics and popular culture that they talk back to. In consciousness-raising groups, women would discover that they had similar, or even identical experiences, and then start to see that we live in a system that treats people unequally. the feminist blogs bring back some of that. and they’re very funny.

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