Cranston High School Class Sizes Improved

Steve Stycos of the Cranston School Committee sends good news about the class sizes at Cranston’s High Schools. Stycos writes:


Last year, School Committee member Paul Archetto and I publically called for lower high school class sizes. At the time, 51 classes at East and 81 classes at West had 30 or more students.

This year the situation has improved significantly. The administration reports that East has 21 classes with 30 or more students and West has only 13.

The administration credits better scheduling efforts for the improvement. Another factor was the school committee’s approval of a budget amendment I sponsored to shift 1.5 positions from the elementary to the high schools. Another key contribution was the large number of parents who attended school committee budget sessions to complain about large class sizes.

Thanks to our school committee members who paid attention to this problem and did something about it. And thank you to parents who raised their concerns — more proof that citizen activism can lead to positive results. It totally amazes me that, primarily by rescheduling things, this problem was greatly reduced and the quality of education for our high schoolers was improved. Other communities across Rhode Island should take notice of this and find out how these wizard schedulers figured out how to reduce class sizes.


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  1. I’m surprised more local folks aren’t commenting on this. It’s an amazing story of how, with effort, we can significantly improve education, without it costing another dime.

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