Zyprexa Drug Rep Tells All

Shahram Ahari, who worked as a drug rep visiting doctors and selling Zyprexa for Eli Lilly, explains some of the tactics he was taught to use in this video. He talks about how he was told to downplay the side effects. He states the Lilly told him and other reps like him that “that weight gain is really propaganda put out by our competitors.” As reported here in The New York Times, Eli Lilly recently put a stronger warning on its Zyprexa stressing the problems it causes with weight gain.

You can learn more about pharmaceutical influence at Pharmedout.org, a new publicly funded program (funded through the Attorney General Consumer and Prescriber Education grant program) that “empowers physicians to identify and counter inappropriate pharmaceutical promotion practices.”


One thought on “Zyprexa Drug Rep Tells All

  1. Shahram Ahari exposure of Eli Lilly should be applauded. Eli Lilly manufactured Thirmerosal (49.6% mercury) and this is a known neurotoxin that was put into vaccination. There are so many in the medical industry that choose preach their rhetoricand they often say a preservative found in some vaccines called thimerasol has a small amount …a children’s flu shot has 12.5 mcg of mercury, something meant for someone weighing 275 pounds according to the EPA. Just because a Phamaceutical manufacturer or a Doctor gives such statements doesn’t mean it’s safe or accurate. Frankly, I have read enough and know that 85-90% of Big Pharma money is spent on doctors and their symposiums and other benefits for doctor’s ~ which places many doctors in a conflict of interest position……that said, conflicts of interest run amuck in the medical profession.

    Little bodies can’t take the triple shot dose times 2 or three vaccines when they go for shots. You might want to pay attention to the Fact Sheet they hand you, as it asks for any alergies to Eggs and Feathers….nothing about Mercury…humnnn

    For the last 3 years we here in Rhode Island have fought to ban mercury from vaccines and demand a medical disclosure that a toxin (Rep. Peter Palumbo’s House Bills) is in the ingredients. The doctor that I have humbly work alongside over these 3 years is Dr. F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP who started the Infectious Disease Department for Rhode Island 35 years ago and he is tirelessly working with us to BAN mercury in any trace amount in a vaccine. Responsible Doctors should know that children process “traces” differently than adults, not just because of the weight factor, but infants do not shed toxins because their bodies are not developed enough to. He could have pointed out that Sanofi-Aventis offers a mercury free Fluzone and their products are now MERCURY Free. Those are important public facts.

    I blame the Pharmaceutical Companies and the unethical behavior of those who carry out the “black lining” of documents and information that the public is fed is criminal. It starts with the White House. I just read the CDC had a 14 page memo it needed to read and the President’s office cut it in half.

    Anti-freeze is great when used in a car, however, I would never think it would be okay to put into a vaccination…but ut along with Formaldehyde and other fillers have gone in unnoticed until children are damaged. Even though there is nothing linking it to children’s diseases ~ and even though there is no data stating it’s good or bad I expect to have DISCLOSURE. Warning handout, that this could possibly be harmful to your child would suffice. So Doctor, it not just about what hasn’t been proven, it about DISCLOSURE.

    We need more like Mr. Ahari.

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