The Newport Review, Featuring Nancy Green

Nancy Green

I guess this goes in the category of shameless friends promotion, but I want to alert everyone that The Newport Review is now live online and open to the public. The new issue features a fabulous piece by our very own Nancy Green, pictured above. The piece is called Three Samhain Stories, and for those of us who don’t want to start out reading a story by feeling dumb, here is the definition of Samhain:

Meaning ‘summer’s end’ and pronounced ‘sarwin’, this is the Irish name for 1 November, the beginning of winter; in medieval Irish tales, the preceding night is often associated with fairies, ghosts, and supernatural adventures. It has never been an English word, but Wiccans and other Neo-Pagans use it in preference to All Saints’ Day and Halloween.

Bravo, Nancy. You are brilliant.

Please enjoy Samhain by reading more of The Newport Review.

2 thoughts on “The Newport Review, Featuring Nancy Green

  1. Cool read. Thanks for tipping off us out-of-towners.

    As for you, Nancy, better stop all this flaunting of Paganism and cats; people are going to start thinking you’re one of them lesbian types. ; )

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