Be Presidential–Keep it Clean

I am strongly leaning toward Barack Obama for president. It seems strange to be a lifelong feminist and not support a qualified woman candidate, but there it is. She keeps saying things I don’t like, and he keeps saying things I like. Then her proxies attack him for the things I like, for instance that Obama would keep talks open with nations we are in conflict with, and I like him more and her less.

But I am not sorry that Hillary is still a contender. When I was really turned off by her compromising style of politics, someone would make a misogynist attack on her and I’d be tempted to vote for her just to spite them.

I got to see Hillary Clinton in person when she came to speak at a Democratic fund raiser at the 1025 Club in Johnston, RI about two years ago. She was beautiful, well-spoken, inspiring, and the rock star of the event.

By way of Buzzflash through Eschaton here is a post on Daily Kos that is a great antidote to the personal attacks on a candidate who is making history, and making women proud.

The more she’s attacked on personal grounds, the more sympathy that real person will generate, the more votes she’ll win from people sending a message to the media and her critics that they’ve gone way over the line of common decency. You underestimate that sympathy at your own peril. If I found myself half-rooting for her given the cr-p that was being flung at her, is it any wonder that women turned out in droves to send a message that sexist double-standards were unacceptable?

Like I said, I’m leaning to Obama, and hope for all our sakes that as the race heats up he will keep it clean and dignified, as he has so far, because there’s a pretty big block of voters who are tired of attack politics. And just as hearing gender insults thrown at Hilary makes me want to vote for her, there are attacks on Obama’s family and lies about his religion masquerading as fact on the net, and it will be a very good thing if Hillary denounces the people who want to play politics this way.