Plan to Increase 6th Grade Classes at Eden Park Nixed

PTO President for Eden Park Elementary School, Liz Iacobucci, provided the following update on Wednesday regarding the 6th grade move. The school committee has backed off on its plan to send Waterman’s 6th grade to Eden Park. From the email:


Yesterday Deb Griefer visited Eden Park to see for herself the conditions of the portable classroom and basement. She was to bring back her findings to the school committee meeting held last night. I was in attendance at that meeting and every single member on the school committee questioned Peter Nero (Assistant Superintendent) if Eden Park in fact did have the proper space to house yet two more classes. I am happy to say that our e-mails did make a difference in this case. The decision was made to keep 6th grade at Waterman and send AM and PM Waterman kindergarten to Garden City.

The reason in which Garden City was not considered to house the 6th grade from Waterman is because Garden City has 3 available classrooms. Two of those classes rooms will be for their own 6th grade classes so they are left with only one additional classroom. Since both AM and PM kindergarten only need one class room, they all agreed that the better move with be to bus the kindergarten children.

I must add that Peter Nero did say that when he went to Eden Park, the basement was used as classrooms and there would be no reason why it couldn’t be used again if needed. He did not agree that they were unsuitable for classroom use. Which leads me to believe that when they propose all day kindergarten, somebody will end up in the basement. (I disagree with him, I believe they are unsuitable for a 6 hour day for children) That will have to be another fight for another time.

For now it looks like this. The library will be moved to the portables and the current library room will be used as one 6th grade class. The reading room will either go back down to the basement, along with guidance, resource, and speech therapy, or move to the other side of the portable, and the current reading room will be used as the second 6th grade class.
Music and Art will be on a cart and rolled into each individual class. The portable will continue to be used for team meetings, choir, strings, instrumental such as flute, clarinet ect.. as well as shared with, library and possibly reading.

I will continue to keep you updated.

Thank you for your e-mails to the school committee. In this case, they really made a difference.


I am grateful for such a dedicated PTO President. The parents of the kindergarteners and first graders at Waterman are obviously not going to be happy about this.