Ann Hood Tells All

This week’s ‘Modern Love’ is titled “I Married a Republican: There, I Said It”. I saw this in Sunday’s New York Times and almost knocked my Chardonnay into the Jacuzzi. Providence writer, Ann Hood, (who Publishes actual novels with real Paper and Ink) rips open the shocking secret of her marriage. She and Lorne looked like a nice, liberal, Providence couple. But all along, her husband belonged to the party that she dare not speak its name. Until someone asked her directly.

When a friend and I were hosts to a John Kerry fund-raiser, she breezily talked about having Lorne and her husband pick up the wine and gather signatures.

I swallowed hard. “Lorne isn’t coming.”

“Is he out of town that night?” she asked, her face so innocent and open.

I shook my head, avoiding her gaze. “He’s on the other side,” I managed.


“He goes the other way,” I tried.

Now she was frowning at me. I had no choice. “He’s not a Democrat,” I finally said. Easier, I figured, than saying the ‘R’ word out loud. Even so, I had rendered her speechless.

But that’s not all. The story ends with a shocker that will rock your world. Who is Lorne supporting in the Presidential election? Find out here