What Would Obama Do?

I’m reading the surreal story of how the Clinton campaign is barring Mayor David Cicilline from attending her Sunday appearance, and I’m wondering what, in similar circumstances, Obama would do? In fact, if Cicilline does change his endorsement from Clinton to Obama, will Obama allow him to attend his events?

I’m surprised that the Clinton campaign has taken such a strong stance in barring Cicilline. The way things are going, it would seem they can hardly afford the negative publicity and inevitable backlash. We’ll see how Clinton, Obama and Cicilline handle things from here, but I’m betting that a migration of support is in the works.


2 thoughts on “What Would Obama Do?

  1. in 2004 i took a bus to new hampshire to canvass for the democratic party. mayor cicilline got on the bus, the firefighters were picketing outside. i talked to some of them and they were supporting the democratic candidates, but they were trying to be visible in their dispute with the mayor. i don’t know how this can be resolved, but it sure is getting old.

  2. I can see quietly asking someone not to show up, and if Cicilline is truly a supporter of Clinton he wouldn’t, but instead of asking, barring someone? That’s not very smart.

    I see in the Times that Hillary is not paying some of the small businesses that are providing items for her campaign. Considering that she’s raking in millions, I’d like to know how her supporters deal with that idea. What’s more important to her, one more expensive tv ad, or bankrupting small businesses? Or does she not even know what her campaign is doing?

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