Getting on Board with Barack Obama

There are many reasons why I am choosing to support Barack Obama in the March 4th primary in Rhode Island. His foreign and domestic agenda is strong and his voice is genuine. He speaks as an experienced legislator, but also someone with an open mind, someone willing to learn. He is giving us a chance to become a better country again, and I am one of the many people willing to take that chance.

While it saddens me that I am not supporting a woman Democrat running for President, I am taking the leap of faith that Obama’s presidency would mean more leadership roles for women, and the possibility of more gender diversity in future presidential races.

I chose this video of Obama to include with my endorsement because the tone of his approach to foreign policy is key. The way he talks about how he would lead America and work with other nations is both hopeful and unconventional, and yet grounded in his own experience living abroad and having ties to family abroad. I also like the way Obama speaks of the need to avoid the petty stuff of politics, the scoring of cheap political points and the bickering for no good reason. I am so tired of seeing good people hurt by petty politicians on narcissistic power trips. I really hope Obama’s intelligence, kindness, and awareness of the larger picture carry him through all the garbage that politics sends his way.

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