At Obama HQ

There’s no escaping that great American tradition of door-to-door canvassing for votes. So if you live in Codding Court, that weird white-haired lady lurking around the buildings was me. But thank you, those of you who answered the door, took the flyers, and especially those of you who said, “Yes, I’ll be there on March 4th.�

Why Barack Obama? Lately I am impressed with his consistent statements that he will open talks with nations we are in conflict with. We’ve had eight years of ‘shoot first and ask questions later’. We discharged scores of skilled Arabic interpreters from the military, trained soldiers who would have saved lives if they had been allowed to do their job, because the nut wing of the Republican party wants to get rid of gays. I hope that if any of them are standing in a window of a burning building, and a firefighter shows up with a ladder, that they will remember to take a sexual history and refuse rescue on principle if the firefighter is not living in accord with Biblical principles. (And not the polygamy chapters, no fair quoting those). I heard on public radio that our diplomatic corps is badly understaffed, on the watch of Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice. In all fairness, even she seems worried about it.

Pick your issue, whatever it is. The next president will inherit a huge mess. The election, good citizen, if your candidate wins, is only the beginning. Then we have to hold their feet to the fire and make sure they don’t compromise and sell out, because that is the way of Washington.

Oh heck, of course they’ll compromise and sell-out, but they’ll do it less if we stay on them.

If you live in Providence, Obama HQ is where Westminster Mall used to be. It’s at 235 Westminster St., corner of Westminster and Union St. For more information, go to or call 401-277-2008 for details.

As Attorney General Patrick Lynch said, now is the time when Rhode Island can make a difference.