At Obama HQ-Wednesday, February 27, 4:26pm

I took the bus downtown, right about the time the high school kids were coming through. A girl called out to a handsome, brown-skinned boy, “Barack Obama!� You don’t have to be that good-looking to get elected, but it doesn’t hurt.

It’s so chilly and grey that a few blocks seem like a mile. On Westminster St. I passed two news cars, and walked in on a press conference. Attorney General Patrick Lynch was speaking to a large group of reporters, announcing that Barack Obama will be visiting Rhode Island on Saturday. Location and time to be announced.

There was a group of Obama supporters on the podium. I saw Charlie Forgarty, Angel Tavares, Paul Moura, and Lincoln Chafee. Sen. Chafee was warmly applauded when he spoke in support of Sen. Obama, saying that he has the right experience and is the candidate we need for president. There were other distinguished supporters as well.

I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in years. I got a lawn sign, and picked up some flyers. They had run out of buttons and stickers. On the way back I saw a Hillary sign set up near the bus depot. Smart strategy if you want to get seen by a lot of people. I marched through the crowd with my Obama sign waving and gave away most of the flyers to people who asked for them.

High enthusiasm, good vibes from young and old. And Barack is coming to Rhode Island.