To Barack- Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

And the prize is not one man winning the presidency. The prize is a better America. Don’t surrender the high ground, even when your opponents use lies, distortion and innuendo. Answer each challenge, but don’t let them distract us from what matters in this contest.

We have seen the world, and our nation, suffer under bad leadership. We have seen Americans disengage and give in to despair. We need better than a gradual politics of accommodation. Hope is not an empty slogan, it’s the difference between an apathetic electorate and my polling place running out of ballots. Twice.

Now is the time when we need to decide whether we will huddle behind our borders, waiting for the red telephone to ring, or whether we will engage with the world and address the problems that lead to terrorism. You are the leader we need in these times. Keep being who you are. Keep your eyes on the prize.

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