George Bush Seeds the Lies on Obama

This short Youtube video shows George Bush providing his opinion on Barack Obama, saying, “I certainly don’t know what he believes in. The only foreign policy thing I remember he said was he’s gonna attack Pakistan and embrace Ahmenijhad.” The videographer goes on to show how both of these claims are completely false, providing good clips of Obama giving his consistent foreign policy statements on opening communication with countries we are currently on hostile terms with, and working to remove Al Qaeda from Pakistan.

I like the videographer’s question: is George Bush astute enough to know he is lying in the Fox interview? Or, here’s my question: is George Bush learning disabled? Does he suffer from executive function problems, with what is termed a “hostile cognitive bias” whereby he misperceives others and “persists in representing interpersonal [or international] conflicts in a biased and inflexible fashion?” You decide.


One thought on “George Bush Seeds the Lies on Obama

  1. I gotta tell you; I go back and forth on the “is he lying or is he too stupid to know that he’s lying?” issue.

    At the moment, I’m sort of somewhere in between. First, the guy has never been held accountable for anything in his life. Don’t want to go to Vietnam? No problem. Daddy pulls strings to get into TANG. Don’t like TANG? No problem. Daddy pulls strings and Jr goes to Alabama, never to see the inside of a Nat’l Guard post (all the while, he claims he supported the war).

    Failed business? No problem. Some of daddy’s buddies bail Jr out, and, and Jr makes money on the deal. And again. And again. Until he uses the gov’t power of eminent domain to build a nice little stadium, Jr sells out and makes a killing.

    Busted for cocaine? No problem. Daddy pulls strings and Jr gets community service and the record covered up.

    Notice the pattern?

    So, as far as his experience has shown, do what you want, say what you want, and someone else cleans up the mess and you make out on the deal. Start a war? Sure, just leave it for the next guy if it doesn’t work out.

    This is how the world works for a spoiled, self-centered brat like GWB. And, from his point of view, there’s no evidence to the contrary, or that things could be any different.

    So say rotten things about Obama. Or Richard Clark. Or Paul O’Neil, or John DiIulio, or any of former employees who jumped ship to be savaged by the man who hired them.

    Why not? That’s how the world works when you’re GWB.

    So, does that mean he’s incapable of distinguishing between truth and lie? I don’t know.


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