Moving to Bigger and Better Digs

UPDATE: Our cyber-move is complete and all appears to be well. I’m looking forward to posting on substantive issues again, rather than being so focused on site administration. Many thanks to those who have made donations to keep us going!


After a couple of bouts of server overload and several discussion with the techies for my online server, it has been determined that Kmareka now has more traffic and requires more server space. Therefore, we are moving to a semi-dedicated server, at an alarming 750% increase in our monthly rent. Granted, we were paying peanuts before, but this is still a significant blow to our fragile budget.

So, all this to say that I hope ad revenue through Blogads picks up, but in this economy I’m not counting on it. Ultimately, though, the beat goes on. Feel free to make non-tax-deductible donations to us through Your donation will be used to pay the rent, and if there’s anything left over, the writers.