Fear of Eggs

Stop the presses! There’s a new threat on the horizon. Eggs.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Middle-aged men who ate seven or more eggs a week had a higher risk of earlier death, U.S. researchers reported on Wednesday.

Are you scared yet? Here’s some details of the study.

The Harvard team studied 21,327 men taking part in the much larger Physicians’ Health Study, which has been watching doctors since 1981 who have agreed to report regularly on their health and lifestyle habits.

Over 20 years, 1,550 of the men had heart attacks, 1,342 had strokes, and more than 5,000 died.

“Egg consumption was not associated with (heart attack) or stroke,” the researchers wrote.

But the men who ate seven eggs a week or more were 23 percent more likely to have died during the 20-year period.

Diabetic men who ate any eggs at all were twice as likely to die in the 20 years.

One possible interpretation of these numbers, not addressed in the article, is that a random group of physicians has a 37% morbidity/mortality rate over 20 years. In other words, each year, almost 2 out of 100 physicians who participated in the Harvard study got terribly sick or DIED!!! What are the odds that participating in a study caused them to be at higher risk? Would you take a chance on that? I’d rather live dangerously and eat an egg.

I know that all those bleeding-heart, anarchist hippie chicken farmers are going to claim that there are lots of things that kill you and it could be that the doctors who ate lots of eggs had other stuff going on. That’s the kind of relativist thinking that makes life too complicated and gets in the way of CERTAINTY.

Men who ate the most eggs also were older, fatter, ate more vegetables but less breakfast cereal, and were more likely to drink alcohol, smoke and less likely to exercise — all factors that can affect the risk of heart attack and death.

Say it ain’t so! There’s no eggs in Krispy Kreme, right? And surely age couldn’t have anything to do with risk of heart attack and how soon you’re likely to die. How unfair.

And how predictable that the press gives us these amazing science stories without including any facts that could help the reader orient herself or any analysis to put it in perspective. I’m writing this from my cellar, with one hand on my shotgun in case a chicken walks by. I feel safe.


4 thoughts on “Fear of Eggs

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  2. I have a better one:

    99% of all people who breathe air die in 100 years or less. One doctor interviewed suggested that people gradually change to other atmospheres.

  3. Donald, changing from an air atmosphere isn’t that easy. Air contains oxygen, the most addictive substance known to man. Just one or two breaths, and you’re hooked, and find it well-nigh impossible to quit.

  4. Roy is correct: I have been trying to kick the oxygen habit for years with little success. I am down to two cylinders a day, however–very depressing. I suggest Congress fund a study with the tolls collected from the Bridge to Nowhere recently built in Alaska.

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