Media Math = Rounding up to Double Digits

Remember that joke about right being ‘military left’? Maybe there is a media decimal system that is different from the one I learned in high school.

Following a lead from Daily Kos I went to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania elections webpage. With 99.44% of results in, Hillary Clinton has 54.6% of the vote and Barack Obama has 45.4%, for a difference of 9.2%.

If they’re still using the same rules they used back when they invented the decimal system, that should round off to 9%.

I had a funny feeling that we would see screaming headlines showing the Clinton win to be just a little bigger than it actually is. I went to bed praying for nothing worse than a single digit loss, and it seems that someone answered my prayer. By the time the media catches up and corrects the mistake, most of the country will have moved on. Hillary Clinton will get credit for a double-digit victory she didn’t really win.

All the major outlets are saying 10%, a suspiciously whole number.

I wish my paycheck got rounded up like that, but then, I wouldn’t want it done to my bills.

It’s just a different feel, Barack Obama cutting Hillary Clinton’s double-digit lead in the polls down to 9% makes it less of a victory for her and shows how effective his campaign was in a state that heavily favored his opponent.

As I write this, 4/23 15:05 in military time, Google produces dozens of headlines citing ‘double digits’, and you really have to dig for the actual numbers. The press is doing its usual thing — giving us part of the story.


3 thoughts on “Media Math = Rounding up to Double Digits

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  2. In the end, since delegates are assigned proportionately, the significance of a 9.2% plurality loses most of its meaning. The irony of Pennsylvania was of course the pretense of “good ole Hillary” and her $109 million, much of it from questionable sources and for equally questionable reasons. Mr. Obama’s errors of being candid and measureably more honorable than “Billary” character was lost in the noise of old Democrat Party machine politics from the likes of Ed Rendell, Mr. Machine of Pennslyvania. The frightening prospect of “Ole Bill” roaming the halls of the White House again makes the denegration of Mr. Obama all that much worse. Mr. Obama should recover, is still very much ahead, and clearly brings new life to the rotted core of party politics (shared equally by the Republicans by the way). I do think if Mr. Obama prevails, there will be a very interesting debate of substance between him and Mr. McCain. Both Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama rose like the phoenix from the ashes of their own destruction, and both will offer very different ideas, real ideas, for the electorate to consider. If “Billary” manages to corrupt the process and Ms Clinton manipulates the very undemocratic “Special Delegate” process, Mr. McCain will win easily–one only has to look at draft-dodger Bill, and his spouse’s less than truthfull “under fire” phantasy, and other untruths, to make that move to Mr. McCain, a man of service and heroism, no matter what his party affiliation may be, or his age.

  3. Mr Wolberg, please don’t talk about “draft-dodger Bill” without mentioning “draft-dodger George.” Bill, at least, had the courage of his convictions. He never claimed to support the war.

    Bush the Younger, as well as draft-dodger Richard Cheney. are both on record as supporting the Vietnam war. However, they both dodged the draft as surely as Bill did. Cheney got a total of 9 deferments, because he had “other priorities” in the 1960s.

    Young Bush had his father pull strings to move him to the front of the line for TANG. In other words, someone else probably had to go to Vietnam because Young George had connections.

    And we see this reprehensible behavior repeated now that Young George has grown old without ever having grown up. He is still more than willing to consign Other People’s Children to fighting wars that he supports–or starts– but that he can’t seem to find the time for actual participation.

    Yes, Hillary lied about the sniper fire. Big deal. How many lies did George tell to stir up the war fever for his misbegotten crusade? He still lies, telling us how we have to maintain our resolve, coming up with dodge after dodge to delay the inevitable, thereby bequeathing his mess to his successor.

    Yes, this is the “He Lied, They Died” meme from 2003. But it was true then, it’s true now.

    Yes, Mr McCain served his country honrably in Vietnam. But he has since deeply dishonored that service in so many ways in the last year. He has put his desire to be president ahead of truth and decency. Check out his relationship with Donald Diamond, for example. And more:

    …John McCain basically lied through his teeth all through his last run for the White House.

    He lied about the Confederate flag — later said that he had, for God’s sake. He lied about Bush’s tax proposal. He ran a phone bank against Bush in Michigan, then openly lied about that. He reinvented his stand on abortion every time he opened his mouth. He kept telling a nasty joke about Gore — a “joke” which was utterly bogus on the factual level.

    Today, he lies about the things he said about Bush’s tax plan back then…”

    And then there are his promises to balance the budget while cutting taxes. That’s pure fantasy.

    Yes, Mr McCain served. But that was many, many years ago. His actions in the past 20 years, however, have more bearing, I believe, on how he will act should he be elected.

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