Just Wondering…

• …whether Hillary Clinton will be even more determined to stay in the presidential race after witnessing what happened to the runner-up in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.

• …how a nation that owes its success and vibrancy to immigrants can be so indifferent or cruel to immigrants, even to the point of dismissing their deaths while in U.S. custody.

• …what’s the point of having health insurance, if we’re all increasingly stuck with “higher premiums, less extensive coverage, and bigger out-of-pocket deductibles and co-payments.”

• …whether President Bush’s recent cameo appearance on the TV game show, “Deal Or No Deal,” will lead to similar appearances on shows such as “Big Brother” or “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?”


4 thoughts on “Just Wondering…

  1. W. would be unwise to attempt the “Are You smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” program.

    It expects contestants to be able to read ( without moving their lips) to count ( beyond 5) to be able to identify states, rivers, continents…

    Excellent post, this.

  2. My understanding of horses, horseracing,etc. is based on the Dick Francis cannon.

    I feel so sad for that filly and all those who knew and cared about her.

    She may have lived a more honorable life than Ms.Clinton.

  3. Detainee deaths were a rarity during the time I served in the INS Ennforcement Branch(almost 21 years)-I believe the privatization of detention facilities is a mistake because there is less accountability than in Federal facilities manned by well-trained staff with extensive background investigations.
    As far as legal immigrants with convictions,they should be deported as quickly as possible.They had their chance and blew it.Most people offered an immigrant visa to the US wouldn’t(and don’t for the most part) engage in criminal behavior.Those that do-sayonara.

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