Life of Sacrifice — The Journals of Cindy McCain

I was lucky enough to get a look at the advance publicity for Cindy McCain’s upcoming book. It is due to come out this September. Her portrayal of her husband as manly, independent, stubborn and principled to a fault is hoped to aid his campaign for President. In her book, Cindy McCain opens her personal journal and bares her deepest emotions, as she reveals the intimate married life of a couple who share their love, but keep their tax returns separate …

January 3, 2007- I’m so excited! I just bought another LearJet. It’s so cute. I’m going to fly it to the Resort. Everyone will be so jealous. John hopes to make it there by the weekend. He’s riding on Greyhound.

February 14, 2007–A romantic Valentine’s. John took me out, his treat. We went to TGI Friday’s, a place I had never heard of. It was adorably quaint, and so sweet of John. Unfortunately I couldn’t eat anything but the salad because fried foods make me sick. A girl does have to watch her figure. Afterwards he surprised me by booking a room at the Holiday Inn. The ‘do not disturb’ sign hung on the door all the time we were there, but we had to check out at 11:00 or we would have been charged for another day.

February 15, 2007–A real meal at L;Apogee. God! I was so hungry. It would have been perfect if John had been there to share it with me. He was across the street at McDonald’s. He is so principled. I ordered a meal for him, but I had to put it in a doggy bag and pretend it was leftovers or he wouldn’t touch it.

June 3, 2007–A month at my estate in Aruba. John should be here if his merchant vessel is on schedule. How I’ve missed him. Don’t tell anyone, diary, but I expect him to spend the night in my suite. Not like last year, when he slept in that thatch hut on the beach.

December 14, 2007–The intimacy of a marriage is something that outsiders can never really understand. Like today, when John couldn’t find the envelope that little lobbyist sent him. “Did you open my mail, runt?” He roared. I explained to the intern that ‘runt’ is his pet name for me. All in good fun.

February 16, 2008- John is looking tired, strained. Yesterday he met with Rev. James Hagee to ask for his endorsement. Afterwards he sat in the dark, drinking, staring at the wall. This kind of thing takes it out of him, and then he’s depressed for days.

March 12, 2008–It’s going to be a long campaign. I don’t know how I could do it without my masseuse, my cook, my esthetician and my transfusions. Not sure what’s in those transfusions, but Dr. Fielgud makes me young again. I’m full of energy. I hope John is eating something besides pork rinds on the Straight Talk Express. Those reporters have terrible dietary habits. I asked that little lobbyist to keep an eye on him. Thank goodness I can trust her, because there’s no way I could live on a bus for weeks. I had to buy a smaller jet so I could get to those airports and join him for photo-ops. With the jet, the limo, and the chopper I can be at his side in hours even when he’s in the middle of nowhere.

April 7, 2008–Reporters keep demanding I release my tax returns. I feel so violated. Is there no respect for privacy? With all the care that John takes never to use my private fortune for his own political career, still there are those who doubt us. I’m so hurt.

These are just a few excerpts, the book includes delightful examples of McCain’s whimsical sense of humor, like when he superglues Cindy’s Pomeranians together. An inspiring love story packed into just 750 pages (including pictures). It just goes to show, you don’t understand a woman until you’ve walked a mile in her custom-made Italian shoes.

5 thoughts on “Life of Sacrifice — The Journals of Cindy McCain

  1. Cindy truly has away with words. I saw her on Jay Leno last week. She wore a fluorescent yellow pantsuit and shared about her pilot’s license, neglected to mention the 9 jets and 9 houses. (Doesn’t everyone have matching house/jets?)…

  2. Is this candidate envy? Ms McCain is indeed a private person and seems to have the misfortune of being wealthy, but unlike the Clinton’s questionable past, accepted no “help” from the family of convicted felons for a pardon, had no relative such as Bill’s brother caught on a drug charge, or received “donations” from “Somewhere-stan” for access and oil deals, or had to return gifts to the Whitehouse after leaving office. Similarly the Heinz part of Mr. Kerry’s wealth by marriage to a ketchup widow, seems to have escaped notice. One wonders if Mr. McCain was not the republican candidate, Ms McCain, who seems to be a very private person, and widely recognized for the work she has done (quietly) with children. I understand that everything is fair in politics these days, but then one only has to look at the Clinton record of “foibles” from Monica/Jennifer-gate to sniper fire to see how truly vunerable some candidates are. Of course in Andrew Jackson’s time, we had a proactive candidate. When his wife was insulted, Mr. Jackson challenged the offender to a formal duel, and killed him. Perhaps if that activity was revived, there would be fewer slights to spouses, although the thought of Ms Clinton challenging someone to a duel might be a bit extreme.

  3. Having been married for twenty-five years, I’m just amazed at the claim that her money has nothing to do with him, and her tax returns are not a part of his financial picture.

  4. Why? There may be a prenup agreement, or other arrangement and/or Mr. McCain remains as independent as he always has been. I believe much the same has occurred with Mr. Kerry, and others.

    Remember we ordinary mortals live in a different world, financial and otherwise, than the superstars. I would be more concerned with the 75% of members of Congress (Senate and House) who entered office “financially normal” and are now millionaires…hmmmm.

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