Bizarre Comment Gets Bizarre Reaction

That Michelle Malkin sure knows how to get her name inserted in the headlines.

It’s bizarre that Michelle Malkin would see murderous terrorist symbolism in a scarf on Rachael Ray’s neck. But what’s even more bizarre is that Dunkin Donuts would pull the ad based on the comment of one right-wing pundit.


11 thoughts on “Bizarre Comment Gets Bizarre Reaction

  1. Remember, Malkin defended the internment of 120,000 Japanese and American citizens during World War II. So, compared to that, her rant against Rachel Ray and Dunkin’ Donuts is pretty tame.

    I don’t know if you’ve had the time or stomach to read her column on this subject, but she also manages to slam/link the likes of Hugo Chavez,”…Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, Hollywood darlings Colin Farrell, Sienna Miller and Kirsten Dunst, and rapper Kanye West…” to the offending keffiyeh. Even Ricky Martin (who?) and John McCain’s daughter Mehgan are targets of Malkin’s barbs. Michelle’s obviously of the school of “get ’em all and let God sort ’em out.”

    As it turns out, it seems that the silk scarf (was Arafat into silk?) was purchased from some retail store and selected by the stylist for the advertising company doing the shoot. So, are we to conclude that this whole “controversy” stems from a trip to the mall?

    No matter, in Malkinworld, Dunkin’ Donuts is to be applauded for its “courage” in pulling the ad. She also mentions that Dunkin’ was also courageous for proclaiming that it wouldn’t hire illegals to work at its stores.

    Wanna bet? We could ride to downtown Providence and I could point out at least three stores that have violated corporate policy. I guess the memo hasn’t gotten here yet.

    And so it goes…

  2. Rachel Ray?She’s about the most apolitical person on the airwaves.Plus she cooks stuff that even I could prepare.
    Dunkin’Donuts:When I was an INS agent assigned to Chicago I found that virtually every Dunkin’Donuts in the metropolitan area was owned by visa overstays from India.I used to arrest the owners and the donut cooks(also invariably overstays).For some reason the waitstaff were always Americans.This was in the 1970’s.
    Even stranger was the fact that the overstays were all from the state of Gujarat.It seems they later moved into the motel business.I would imagine that by now all those people are citizens.

  3. I heard another chef say on the radio that Rachel Ray was the incarnation of evil. But that was for her cooking, which involves opening a lot of plastic bags, sprinkling this on that and throwing it in the oven for a minute.
    Donuts are a threat to our nation because many of us are fat. But we should not single out Dunkin, when Krispy Kreme is such an offender.
    In the seventies someone spread a rumor that Proctor and Gamble had a satanic symbol in its logo, and it was a nuisance for them to beat the bad publicity. Michelle Malking probably knows that corporations will cave rather than fight a nutbag rumor–it’s too expensive.

  4. I remember the Proctor and Gamble rumor.I think the logo is supposed to be Neptune-I don’t believe thay changed it-they DID have to change the Aunt Jemima image because a lot of people found it offensive.
    One thing my wife has commented on regarding Rachel Ray is the perfunctory rinse she gives her hands after handling raw meat or chicken.Not really adequate for preventing food-borne diseases.

  5. Considering that lil’ Rhody leads the Nation in D.D.’s per square foot or mile or capita ( we have odd shaped heads, yes we do), I’m disappointed in the lack of National news coverage of this Fiasco.

    The brilliant blog, Pharyngula, addresses this today. I recommend reading the comments and enjoying the illustration.

    I’ll have to post a link later…or maybe someone else can.

    The big news this is covering up is the Larry Craig Book Deal.

  6. A Larry Craig book?What’s the title?”The Traveller’s Guide to Public Toilets”?

  7. One sometimes comes to believe this is all a Groucho Marx movie, or perhaps Monte Python. If the bell weathers of our political life are to be Ms Malkin, Ms Ray, soon to be ex-Senator Craig or Bill O’Reilly, new meaning has come to the word “superficial.” Ms Ray does not even offer recipes that are threatening to the public order. A Julia Child she is not, but Julia never sold signature pots and pansSenator Craig may move in with the former Governor of New Jersey and both will rediscover religion, perhaps in public toilets, but thakfully never again in public office. Ms Malkin is a very curious person. But one suspects she has sacrificed her gifts for meaningless posturing and a craving for attention. Mr. O’Reilly has a profound sense of himself and his own greatness. Oh, if we could all be so humble. I find this refreshing in someone who is a former high school teacher, who has now educated himself on our behalf, and is out there protecting us all from our enemies telling us what is important to out lives. Indeed, there is wisdom in the universe.

  8. I miss Julia Child. Was she ever a subversive? I know that she was unacceptably tall, an offense that I commit too.
    Is it unpatriotic to start collecting lentil recipes? I think I’m going to be looking for cheaper meals very soon. I got a really good baked potato recipe off this site, it’s a start.
    I mean, the little plastic bags are going to be beyond my budget the way food prices are going.
    What is Michelle Malkin’s stand on that? Did her mom give her any family secrets? What was their favorite? Enquiring minds want to know.

  9. My understanding is that Ms Malkin was adopted by an American family, had an excellent education and written a good deal. I suspect she violated one of my first rules: “Never believe your own propaganda.” Mis Childs seems to have been one of the most charming and intelligent people ever to appear on television. As I recall, she was tall, over six feet, had a sly sense of humor, was forever flirtaceous and is credited with bringing French cooking to the U.S., as well as a delightful many year career on PBS. What I also recall is that she was a federal employee, actually worked for the CIA (someone correct me if I am wrong). She married late in life but long married to a State Department diplomat. No one has ever said a negative thing about her and she treated her height and voice as humorously as the comics who portrayed he on Saturday Night Live, for example.

    Mr. O’Reilly is a paradoy, in my view, of everything that has come to mean sound journalism. He is superficial, is in rapture about his own intelligence (the first warning sign of disability), and believes he knows what is good for us all (the second sign of disability). He should have remained a High School teacher, but I suspect the students he would have had are better off because he found a life elsewhere.

    Nancy, what is that baked potato recipe?

  10. Michelle was not adopted.Her parents were from the Philippines nd she was born in Philadelphia.
    Julia Child worked for the OSS,which was the WW2 predecessor of the CIA.
    I watch Andrew Zimmern’s show on Bizarre Foods.I notice that in some parts of the world they don’t waste anything,not even bugs.I recall Vietnamese eating rice bugs,which are something like big cockroaches-they didn’t seem the worse for wear from it.
    My grandmother from eastern Europe used to make jellied calf’s foot-and it was really good.
    O’Reilly is a blowhard.

  11. i think it was Teresa who sent it when i wrote that 2008 is the international year of the potato.
    if i recall right–
    take a nice big russet
    rub it with olive oil and salt and pepper
    put it right on the rack in the oven at 400 for a half hour
    turn it over and make some holes in it with a fork, bake for another half hour
    take it out and cut it down the middle to let the steam out,and cover it with whatever.
    if i have that wrong, potatos are very forgiving, and they still taste good.
    i stopped putting them on the rack because the oil drips and it’s hard to clean.

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