At Risk: Open Space in RI

Let me start this by saying that if you’re not familiar with this website and email newsletter, you should definitely become so.  The Natural News Network is “Rhode Island’s own online magazine about your environment — the news and info you need to explore it, have fun outside, keep up with local issues, live greener, and get involved.”

Apparently, the funding for open space grants and farmland protection (which have been in place since 1985) will end if a land conservation bond is not put on the ballot this fall. 

From Rupert Friday, Rhode Island Land Trust Council…

Friends of Land Conservation in Rhode Island:

Your phone calls to RI House Leaders today are critical
… even if you have called before, please make follow-up calls.

In the next three days (by Friday, June 6), Rhode Island’s House Leaders will finalize the state’s FY2009 Budget.

House Finance Committee Leaders may eliminate the governor’s proposed $5 million bond referendum for land conservation programs.

Without a 2008 Bond, state land conservation programs WILL END.
These successful programs – operating since 1985 – will run out of funds after 2008.

Please make 3 calls today:

1. House Speaker Murphy 222-2466
2. House Majority Leader Fox 222-2447
3. Your state Representative — Click here for phone numbers and email addresses for all representatives

Ask them to support a 2008 BOND REFERENDUM for farmland and open space protection funding.
Additional information and suggestions for phone calls and emails can be found at:

This is something that concerns all Rhode Islanders and we must work to conserve and protect our state’s natural resources and beauty for ourselves and future generations! 

6 thoughts on “At Risk: Open Space in RI

  1. Hey, Rachel and Kiersten, thanks for the post about Natural News, I appreciate it!

    Keep up the good work,


  2. I called. All you have to say is you are in support of it and they take your name and add it to a list. When they go to the floor, if they have received 25 calls that’s a lot for a Bill. We need to really ask folks we know to just take the minute to call. I sent an e-mail to all the Reps for Cranston. For your convenience, here is the e-mail list which you can copy and past…please do it asap.

  3. I think that calling and getting on the list may be more effective. Rep. Fox is sending out a canned response, so I don’t know if the names of people emailing are being added to a list or not.

  4. Yes, I spoke to Bob Johnson (if you have ever gone to give testimony at the Health & Welfare Room 135, he’s the guy that prints the e-mails and see’s the important one’s get to the Reps) and he said he and another woman review them and give the one’s that are important re: Bills/bonds or important issues to that rep and make sure they get it …because they get so much mail. He said the name goes on the list as well.

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