Cranston Comprehensive Plan Draft: Now Available Online

As promised by the Planning Department, the drafts from sections of the Comprehensive Plan Update are now online for residents to download and review. The drafts of the following sections are posted online: Historic Preservation, Housing, Natural/Cultural Resources, Open Space, and Services & Facilities. The Introduction to the Comp Plan is also there. The PDF’s can be found at the city’s website here.

At the first workshop, Peter Lapolla announced that the department would create a forum for residents to post feedback about the various elements of the update. That is not there yet, but hopefully it will be soon. No date has been set for the next workshop, but once it is, I will be sure to share it. From what I have heard, the goal is to have the final draft of the Comp Plan Update done by September.

The Cranston Herald will be doing ongoing coverage of the Comp Plan Update process and the first article was in Thursday’s edition and can be found here.

Until the forum is live, I recommend sending any feedback you have to the Planning Department. Peter Lapolla asked that the subject of any messages regarding the Comp Plan be: FEEDBACK COMP PLAN. In addition to the Planning Department, I sent mine to the administration, City Council and some department heads.