Edutopia: New Media’s Potential to Improve Education

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Edutopia has a fantastic June issue with a focus on using new media in education. In particular, they have a video about Albano Berberi, a blind high school student who uses assistive technology to do things like computer programming, video-game playing, and composing musical scores that he then performs on violin. Here is a link to the video.

Another interesting short article, “Wii Love Learning,” discusses the use of the Nintendo Wii in an Indiana elementary school. The educational potential of the Wii is just beginning to be recognized. Expect more uses for this versatile high tech game platform in the future.

But also, remember to unplug! The need for exercise in our culture — real live running around and engaging in activities that stretch and build muscle, raise your heart rate, your pulse, and all the rest, are just as important as ever. As this article indicates, while there is evidence that many things can enhance cognitive functioning, the one thing with the strongest research base indicating positive brain functioning enhancement is exercise.

Also, the need for face-to-face communication and relationships is still essential. The experience of having a conversation with someone when you can look into their eyes is still something we all need, and no amount of social utility networks and blog surfing can replace this.

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  1. I got it-my little 2 1/2 grandaughter stayed here over Saturday and she spent a good part of the day gardening and playing with her “water table” toy which has a water wheel and boats and other cool stuff and then she taught us the cast of characters in “Spongebob”-and then it was crayon drawing time-and then bouncing around on the “Inchworm”-and then grandpa and grandma collapsed….:))

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