Big Week for Cranston Residents!

There are two important meetings this week for Cranston residents. The second Comprehensive Plan Update meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, July 16 from 6-8pm at the Cranston Senior Center on Cranston Street. The Housing section will be discussed on Tuesday evening. (Meetings will be held every Tuesday through August 20 and the goal is to cover all elements of the Plan Update by then.) The sections can be viewed on the Cranston City’s website here. Feedback can be sent in advance to the Planning Department: Peter Lapolla (Director):,
Jason Pezzullo (Principal Planner):

On Thursday, July 18, a public meeting has been scheduled by State Representative Peter Palumbo regarding residents’ concerns about RIPTA buses being detoured through the Garden City neighborhood due to new weight restrictions on the bridge at Pontiac Avenue at Garden City Drive. In addition to the Cranston Administration, representatives from RIPTA have been invited. The meeting will be held at Western Hills Junior High School at 7pm.

Both of the issues are of importance and members of the public are encouraged to attend the two meetings!

6 thoughts on “Big Week for Cranston Residents!

  1. I will follow up with an update on this. I found Josh’s rewrite of the flyer I circulated very humorous….sometimes, I wonder if it would resinate more with folks if I use that type of humor.

  2. Suzanne,
    Please do let us know and I’ll be sure to check out Josh’s version of the flier.

    Is anyone else having problems accessing the Comp Plan files on the Planning Department’s webpage? All of the elements were there before, but the subpage they were on seems to be missing.

  3. I spoke with the administration and at a meeting, at my request, between RIPTA, DOT and the administration, and after a phone call from RIPTA, Friday was the last day busses were running thru Garden City. Also, a plan to increase the weight limit on both bridges were discussed. I can update as soon as information, if any is needed, becomes available.

    Kudo’s to RIPTA and DOT for keeping thier promise of addressing this issue in a timely manner.

  4. The Comp Plan meeting is WEDNESDAY, July 16, it is not on Tuesday. I just noticed my error in the posting.

  5. Thursday night’s meeting scheduled by Rep. Palumbo WILL still be held at Western Hills at 7pm.

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