Liveblogging from Podcamp Boston

I’m at Podcamp Boston, broadcasting live from my husband’s iPaq. At the moment, I’m listening to a panel discussion on social media and marketing. I’ll be updating throughout the day.

The discussion now is on how social media is giving us so many new choices for what to pay attention to, as opposed to the world of just TV.

Best Practices for social media and PR:

–engage the audience and let them talk about you — Obama’s approach incorporates this.

–consumers are now controlling vendors more because of social media.

–smaller innovators can work more quickly and nimbly.

–concerned comments about companies managing liability of employees producing work with social media.


I’m now listening to Larry Lawfer talk about successful video blogging.

— “Work hard to make new mistakes, otherwise you are not progressing.”

–facilitate conversations for others, help them connect with others, and you will rise in their estimation.

–make good sound, otherwise people will click off.

2 thoughts on “Liveblogging from Podcamp Boston

  1. TV is becoming the last place for in depth coverage of anything-except on CSPAN.
    Unless you bring up newspapers-but if reading them online counts,then they are still significant.
    With the talking heads on TV,you can practically shut off the sound and supply your own dialogue-a good cahnce it’ll be almost verbatim of what the droning “pundits”(hate the image that word gives me)are mouthing.

  2. I should explain-the word “pundit” conjures up the image of Burt Lahr dressed up as some sort of grand poohbah on the old time Lay’s potato chip commercials

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