You Heard it Here First

So now John McCain has some kind of hangup with Britney Spears and he’s trying to blame it on Barack Obama.

But Kmareka readers already know about the Britney/Bob Dole/Republican connection from a previous post. Britney fascinates Republican politicians. And Britney is a big supporter of President Bush. Maybe when the President leaves office he will get to be in a commercial with Britney too. I know I’ve never thought the same of Bob Dole after seeing him stroke that dog. Ew.


7 thoughts on “You Heard it Here First

  1. McCain’s wife is a big 7 years younger than he is-when you’re in the 50 and over group that’s insignificant.Unlike 50 year old Presidents who shag 21 year old interns while ordering the bombing of Belgrade.

  2. Don’t even go there, Joe.

    It was the Republicans’ reaction to the whole Monica thing that prevented Clinton from taking stronger retaliatory steps against al Quaida after the African embassy bombings.

    The Republicans were willing to put a stranglehold on the entire US gov’t because of Monica. What Clinton did was wrong, but it’s NOTHING in comparison to the way the Republicans used it to prevent Clinton from doing his job.

    If you’ll recall, the Republicans howled “Wag the Dog!” when Clinton launched a cruise missile into bin Laden’s camp. Clinton was advised not to, for precisely the reason that the Republicans would claim he was trying to distract the country from the Monica thing.

    So, because of the Repblicans placed petty, vindictive, spiteful, and short-sighted political ends ahead of the defense of our country. By preventing a robust retaliatory action against bin Laden, the Republicans are must be held responsible for 9-11.

    Just imagine the headlines if Clinton had tried to retaliate in October 2000 for the bombing of the USS Cole. I can hear the Republicans shrieking about how it was all politically motivated in an attempt to swing the election to Gore. And what did GWB do about it after taking office?


    So when you’r comparing wrongs here, the Monica thing was a petty misdemeanor; Bush has gone straight for the multiple felonies.

  3. Klaus-sometimes there is no big picture aspect to what I am saying-the behavior sucked-I am Clinton’s age-we had young interns in the INS-if I had done that I would have been a real scumbag,okay?I brought it up because a commentor mentioned McCain marrying a “younger” woman.63 is young?I’ll be 62 this year and I don’t feel very young.So I will go there-Clinton is a degenerate-I voted for him in 1992 and have been sorry for it ever since-I didn’t like the elder Bush and I like his son much less.
    I don’t know if I could ever vote for a Democrat for President again.In 2000 and 2004 I didn’t vote for either major party and I went for Dole in 1996.Jim Webb and Bob Kerrey are the only two Dems around I could consider voting for.

  4. Rhett Jones was supporting Obama, and I asked my colleague Joe Fernandes if he could find a way for Barack to record a brief greeting/prayer.

    Joe kindly expressed willingness and that this was NOT the first “deathbed request” he’d received.

    well, rhett has joined the ancestors, and will be voting and observing from another sector…

    Not that Rhett was uncritical of Obama or found him his first choice. Rhett was from chicago and never naive (at least in the 26 years I knew him).

  5. Joe, I will not defend what Clinton did.

    However, I never ceased to be amazed that the very people who wanted to impeach Clinton for lying to cover up an act that was not illegal are willing to allow the current chief executive off the hook for real High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Bush has lied, he has trampled on the Constitution, he’s set himself above the law and he lied–repeatedly–to get us involved us in a war because he didn’t have the guts to tell us the truth.

    Have you heard about the bentonite? Back in ’01, it was said that the anthrax sent in the mails had amounts of bentonite in it. This was significant because it tied the anthrax to Saddam. Well, guess what? There was no bentonite. It was all a lie, perpetrated by the current administration in an effort to stir up a war frenzy.

    And the same people who blasted Clinton for trying to respond to the African embassy bombings were the same people who called people traitors for suggesting that going to war in Iraq may not be a good idea.

    You’ll excuse me, but I get a bit more worked up over that sort of thing than I do sexual pecadilloes.

    We have two sets of “wrongs” here. Clinton’s was purely personal. Bush’s wrong was political, systemic, calculated and cynical beyond belief.

    Yeah, I’m more concerned about that sort of thing.

  6. And I defended Bush and his neocon coward warmongers when?I do support the war in Afghanistan because we’d have had to fight that one even if we had the Dalai Lama for President.
    I just don’t see McCain and Bush as being in the same league at all.
    To be non-political for a minute,I liked some of Woody Allen’s early films a lot.Then he dumped his wife for his stepdaughter-okay-he didn’t break any criminal laws like Polanski,but his behavior reeked.It made his movies less appealing somehow.
    My problems with Bill Clinton started with the Somalia episode,which was a real issue,not a matter of personal conduct.He allowed Les Aspin,another non-veteran to hold back deployment of armored vehicles which would have prevented the Mogadishu incident from turning out the way it did.It was unforgiveable.Clinton always seemed to be doing things in response to focus groups and polling data rather than what he perhaps thought was actually the best course.Is that a valid reason for not thinking much of him or not?

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