Lipstick on a Typo

To the McCain camp — nobody’s perfect, so let’s stop playing ‘gotcha’ and focus on the issues.

When Senator McCain delivered a speech this morning on the upheaval on Wall Street, he referred to several federal agencies and regulators that he pledged to reform to better serve both investors and the public. But in listing the organizations, he didn’t get all of the names right.

He referred twice to the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, a government-mandated non-profit entity that restores funds to investors with assets in bankrupt or failing brokerage firms, according to its Web site. The acronym is SIPC, but Mr. McCain reversed the letters and both times read the initials aloud as “S-P-I-C.”

For Mr. McCain, the slip is doubly unfortunate coming just one day after he issued a statement in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

We have less than five weeks to pick a president. The candidates are all sleep-deprived and stressed. What we really need to know is what they will do if elected, because our future depends on it. Fiscal policy and international relations are less sexy than slips and gaffes, but if we care about our country we’ll study up, and get out and vote in November.

2 thoughts on “Lipstick on a Typo

  1. I don’t get your post what does S-P-I-C have to do with ,a statement in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month?

  2. Just a gaffe. But I was suggesting that the game of ‘gotcha’ every time a politician says something awkward, or could be sound-bit into something inflammatory, is getting pretty old.

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