After the Vice-Presidential Debate

To me these debates are a blood sport, and we are the prize. It’s tough on a human level to see people under that kind of pressure, knowing that every word count and blink will be analyzed.

I couldn’t stand to witness it alone, so I went to Local 121 where a rowdy debate party was happening.

I expected Gov. Palin to be quick and winning, and Sen. Biden to lose his focus, but that didn’t happen. She seemed pretty artificial, like a bad actress reciting talking points. He way outclassed her in substance. The format of the debate didn’t allow for the kind of pressing questions that would come up in an interview. When either candidate dodged a couple of times Gwen Ifill moved on.

I just want to say that Gwen Ifill was great. A broken ankle and right-wing internet smears didn’t slow her down at all.

Watching Gov. Palin, I had some popular culture flashbacks. Like, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. I imagined a bumper sticker–

Serena Joy for President

When Gov. Palin at least twice admonished Sen. Biden for dwelling on the past when he condemned the failures of the Bush administration, I was reminded of the movie ‘Citizen Ruth’. In a scene so profane that Kiersten wouldn’t want me to even link to it here, Ruth is publicly confronted by her mother and provoked to bring up a heinous episode from her childhood. Her mother’s answer – “Ruth that’s ancient history.�

Let’s not forgive and forget while there are still three months left in the Bush administration, and the next president will face a war based on lies and a financial mess that has economists talking about a Depression. Jesus will forgive President Bush. We sinners here on earth will be cleaning up for years. Literally, with global warming, which Gov. Palin thinks we can fix without knowing the cause.

Gov. Palin used the word ‘maverick’ so many times I felt like I was in the wild west. At least twice she promised ‘a team of mavericks.’ Is that a good thing? Won’t they run off in different directions?

She had some slogans. You have to love freedom. Also, her flag pin was much bigger than Joe Biden’s flag pin.

I think Sen. Biden has it all over her when it comes to accomplishments like the ‘Violence Against Women Act’. I’m not happy with everything on his record, but no one comes out of Washington pure. Not Sen. McCain, not Sen. Obama, not President Lincoln or George Washington.

She is loved by her base, the Christian right. She’s done well by them in Alaska, and it’s useful to look at her record there. She calls herself a fresh face, but to me she’s more like a blank screen, concealing a stealth agenda that would trade religious liberty for a Christian nation.

5 thoughts on “After the Vice-Presidential Debate

  1. thank you for mentioning the flag pin, Nancy. I keep forgetting.

    Our friend General JC Christian (not a Homosexual) has posted a splendid diagram of the Palin-Cheny Branches of Government.

    Wasn’t the Winking ridiculous! Whose brilliant idea was that?!

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  3. Everyone sees what they want to.
    Biden’s criticisms of Obama from the primary debates came back to bite him.
    Gwen Ifill wasn’t subjeted to smears.She is writing a book which is supportive of Obama,so her ethics were questioned.To her credit,she was impartial.
    I think Sarah Palin was quirky and unrestrained by the rules,and that is a two edged sword.She advocated for her positions,but avoided some questions by doing so.
    It really doesn’t matter if Nancy Green,Obama supporter or Joe Bernstein,McCain supporter like her performance or not.
    It is the people who are yet undecided that may be affected by it.
    I remember in 1992 I decided in the voting booth to vote for Bill Clinton at the very last second because I believed George Bush 1 was going to destroy the Federal employees’health care plan.After the betrayal of our troops in Somalia by clinton,I felt sick and determined never again to vote for a Democrat for President.Other things he did later on reinforced my opinion.I had supported Bob Kerrey,but he dropped out.I couldn’t stand this George Bush,so I never voted for him.
    Jim Webb is the only Democrat I might ever consider voting for if he ran for the #1 spot.
    Sarah Palin is clearly on a learning curve in some critical areas,but Biden has been involved in national and international politics for 36 years as a player and is less than impressive with that kind of experience behind him.

  4. i’ve started to write about fundementalist religion because, like me, Sarah Palin went to an Assemblies of God church. I know it from the inside and it is not what I want running the country.

  5. it would be dangerous for the GOP to reschedule another VP debate… the more unscripted air time Palin gets, the more time people will have to realize that she couldn’t answer a question about any of the major issues if her life depended on it

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