Get Real

I wouldn’t ever want to be in Sarah Palin’s position on Saturday Night Live. She is consistently good on camera and came off as a good sport. If the heat had been turned up any higher she would pick up sympathy votes. She sure didn’t get the respect and deference her running mate thinks she is owed.

But a show like SNL is supposed to be a chance to humanize the candidate after a tough campaign of defining positions and laying out a platform. That’s what the candidate does when she is interviewed and answers questions. Sarah Palin hasn’t done that.

It’s true, she came in late in the race, but then she went into seclusion for emergency VP classes. Then she was interviewed by Katie Couric. It was not good. For the past few weeks it’s all been preaching to the choir at rallies. She’s extremely good at that.

The problem is that only dictators get to preach to the choir all the time while in office. Even a VP needs to be able to face opposition without resorting to vague patriotic sentiment or questioning the patriotism of her opponents. And a president needs to make her case to her own party, the opposite party, and other nations.

So going on SNL is kind of the lighter moment after the heavy stuff. But we haven’t seen the heavy stuff. Will she give some real interviews in the next two weeks? Nope. So all we have is her record. That’s fair game.


7 thoughts on “Get Real

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  2. If Joe Biden makes more comments like today’s,I’ll be convinced he’s trying to sabotage his own side.Most Americans aren’t looking forward to Presidential OJT during an international crisis.but Bigmouth Biden stepped right in it again.

  3. you mean ‘a manufactured crisis’? a couple of weeks ago I heard Peggy Noonan on public radio saying that another 9/11 was inevitable and we had to start pulling together. she had such an apocalyptic tone that she almost seemed to be looking forward to it. in 8 years we have not strengthened our nation from within, and we are vulnerable in many ways–millions outside the health care system, infrastructure neglected, falling employment, high school dropouts, a weak press, a justice department turned into a political tool, an unbalance of powers, a financial crisis.
    i expect the spin machine to keep on spinning, and if Barack Obama is elected he will be relentlessly attacked by his political opponents.

  4. I think Biden mentioned something akin to “manufactured”,but he used a slightly different word.Something about Obama being tested and the need for patience with his initial reaction.If you didn’t find that beyond weird,I just don’t know what to say.
    If I were trying to solidify a candidate’s position,that wouldn’t cross my mind as something to say.
    Who in their right mind looks forward to another 9/11?
    Keep in mind however,that the people who carried out the attacks were finishing a job they tried first in 1993.They don’t feel the need to rush anything because they see the struggle they are engaged in as a long term holy war.
    Clinton was tested on smaller scales in Somalia and Waco relatively soon after taking office and didn’t come off too well.He managed to deflect waco onto Janet Reno,and on Somalia he just hunkered down and let it pass over him.
    Who do you think will “manufacture”a crisis?

  5. I would love to have a parliamentary democracy in this country. I would love to have seen GWB in our version of the House of Commons fending off real questions from real opponents like Tony Blair did, and Gordon Brown does.

    One big problem with the whole presidential office is the way it’s insulated from real political give-and-take. Presidential candidates–and presidents–get to float around in a bubble, alighting only in places of their choosing. Like in front of Hugh Hewitt, or Hannity, or O’Reilly, or Rush, or…

    If George II had been subjected to real questions back in ’00, he’d never have made it out of the primaries, and this whole nightmare of the last 8 years–and the coming nightmare of having to clean up the mess he made–would never have happened.

    So what is Sarah afraid of? Either she’s qualified, or she isn’t. She’s applying for a job and doesn’t think she has to go through the interview. Sounds mighty elitist to me. Either she thinks she’s too good to have to stoop to being interviewed by the American public, or she’s afraid she’s not qualified. Which is it?

  6. Parliamentary democracies have other faults-they lack continuity and depend on ephemeral coalitions.
    I guess they work in countries where nothing much happens.

  7. As far as fair game-Obama’s record certainly is,and it is devoid of any example of him facing a serious crisis as an adult,so we have no clue as to how he might react to one in what is arguably the most important job in the world.
    To be fair,George W. Bush had a similar blank slate,and look how that turned out.

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